I am NOT a Grammar Nazi, but it does set my teeth on edge when people…

  • … mix up there use of their, there, they’re. Their wrong.
  • … misuse the word “literally.” It literally drives me nuts.
  • … split infinitives. I know the style manuals now allow us to brazenly split infinitives, but I just want Mrs. Thomas to know I remember something from freshman English.

I see something in many Christian writings that I don’t like either. It’s not a grammar issue, but it sets my theological teeth on edge. Here’s an example. See if you catch it.

We live in a world where culture is forever changing the rules. Culture keeps pushing to redefine marriage. Culture adds a new twist on gender identity every five minutes. They tell us we can define our relationships and gender by our own standards. But Christians are to live by a different standard. Christians are to live according to the instructions given to us by our loving Creator.

Did you catch it? It’s subtle. Extremely subtle.

I write Bible studies, and I edit other people’s Bible studies. When I come across a phrase like “Christians are to live by a different standard,” I change it to “We are to live by a different standard.”

God does not have a different standard for His followers. Gods has given us all the same commands. The Ten Commandments are universal. Christians and non-Christians alike are called to follow God … obey God … trust God.

The non-Christian will not one day stand before God and be judged by his adherence to whatever ethics and morals he chose for himself. He will be judged according to God’s ethics and morals. So whatever we might see as a command for Christians should be seen as a command for everyone to obey.

And none of us can keep those commands. So what makes the Christian different?

  • The Christian knows he can’t keep God’s standard, so he turns to Christ in faith and trust.
  • The Christian has the presence of God’s Holy Spirit in his life. The Spirit empowers the Christ-follower to live a life that pleases Him.

Those of who follow Christ should live lives of joyous obedience to Christ. Yes, every man and woman on this planet is to live that way, but since they don’t, we can shine the light of Christ into their lives. Let’s show them the way. Let’s lead them to Christ.

It’s only in Christ that any of us can lead the righteous life He calls us to live.


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