Guest post by Debbie Brown

Sitting in the chair that resembles a robotic octopus, I am told to look at the screen ahead of me.  A large bulky contraption that reminds me of some strange pair of glasses left over from an old sci-fi movie is placed in front of my eyes and posed on my nose. The technician asks what I see.

I have to be honest. “A large white glowing rectangle.”

As she begins to dial the knobs on the over-sized sci-fi spectacles, I begin to see more clearly.

“There is an ‘E’!” I finally exclaim.

Even though I’m tested every year, I’m always amazed at how I know there is supposed to be a big “E” on the chart, but I can never see it until the technician adjusts my focus.

Too often I walk around with my life in a blur—not because I left my glasses at home, but because I haven’t asked the Lord to set my focus.  I don’t want my vision dimmed and obscured by the world’s darkened view of life.  I want to see my Lord clearly; I want to see what He wants for my life.

So instead of climbing into the ophthalmologist’s massive straight-backed chair to gaze at a chart, I curl up in my over-sized comfy chair in the family room and open my Bible.  As I fix my eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, He opens my eyes—and my heart—to His love, His truth, and all of who He is.  Having focused on Him, I can face the day and look out at the world  from His perspective.

When the world seeks to blur and even blind my vision with its lies and deception, I will go the “Eye Doctor”, the Great Physician Jesus Christ. He gives me just the right focus: Himself.

Dear Lord, I look forward to the day when I see You face to face clearly.  In the meantime, please forgive me for settling for the blurred vision of the world’s perspective.  Please focus my heart’s attention on You.  Thank You, Lord.  In Jesus’s name.  Amen.

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