polite-conversationRemember the old adage: don’t talk about religion or politics in polite conversation? Apparently that is an old adage—old as in out-of-fashion. We do like to talk about religion and politics.

That’s understandable. We like to talk about what we’re passionate about.

Don’t believe me? Try having a conversation with an Alabama fan in the fall. You can be discussing the best time to winterize your car or how to cut up kumquats, and they’ll work “Roll Tide” into the conversation.

For those of us who follow Christ, I have one question: Where does our passion lie?


LifeWay Research found that Americans would rather talk politics than religion, which tells me  that either:

  1. most people are more passionate about their politics than their faith; or
  2. they’re more comfortable talking about Donald and Hillary than Jesus.

To be clear, that preference for political conversations is based on all Americans. Single out evangelicals, and they show a preference (63%) for talking about spiritual matters.

Here’s the good news for Christians: while most Americans may show a preference for political discussions, they have a willingness to hear what others have to say about faith.

The key to this is conversation—a dialogue, not a lecture.  In this research, Philip Nation said, “The culture wants dialogue about spiritual beliefs. Evangelicals too often only want to lecture our neighbors. We need to learn the needs and worldview of our neighbors so we can effectively discuss the gospel.”

Politics are important. Please engage in the political process—but there is also a greater conversation waiting to take place. Talk about Jesus. Find out what others know, what they believe, and what they’ve heard about Jesus. And then show them who Jesus is. Show them who He is in your life.

In two years, we’ll be discussing politics again as we vote for Congress.  And in another four years, we’ll be debating which presidential candidate can save us from the mess the last president got us into. But Jesus will still be there—waiting to be brought into a conversation that truly will make a difference.

To read the research in its entirety, visit: http://lifewayresearch.com/2016/08/02/americans-prefer-to-talk-about-politics-rather-than-god/

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