This is one of those days when I feel like I’m running on reserve fuel. I started my morning by reading Your Word and praying, but even during those quiet moments, my own thoughts kept interrupting. Instead of hearing Your words that feed my soul, I heard the shouting of my list of tasks and errands I must tackle. My mind wandered from prayer to the schedule that lay before me.

I want to slow down enough to savor this time with You and not notice the work that is pressing its nose against the window, wondering when I will come out. But it’s hard to slow down when the ticking of the clock seems so loud.

Jesus, I need You. I want my life to be centered in You, ever aware and conscious of Your presence within me and working through me. Your Word invites me to pray without ceasing, but that’s hard when my mind is filled with words I’m penning for others. Unceasing prayer has to compete with all the other conversations I let play in my head during the day.

In my desperation, I call out to You—yet again. I’m well aware that, on my own, my efforts come to nothing. Lord, the last thing I want is to come to the end of the day and discover that all my effort came to nothing.

Empower me. Overwhelm me with Your grace and let that grace flow out of my life into the lives of others. Use me for Your glory and Your glory alone. I don’t want any credit. I don’t need any credit. I just want to know that what I am doing pleases You.

Your presence energizes me. Your pleasure motivates me. I can look backwards and see what You have done when I am fully centered in You, and that memory encourages me to fight against all the voices calling out to me. These voices calling out to me are all good things, but if they rob me of the greater thing—living in Your power and presence—then they are no longer good things.

I am reminded, Lord, that when I focus on You—seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness—everything else falls into place. You’ve done that in the past, and I choose to rest in that promise for today.

In the name of the One who always has time for me,


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