I have told my family for years, “When I die, I want you to rent a U-Haul trailer and put it behind the hearse. I want to lay to rest (pun intended) the old cliché countless preachers have said in their sermons.”

Hearse U-Haul“You’ll never see a hearse pulling a U-Haul trailer.”

You can see in this photo someone beat me to this.

This may surprise you, but you can take it with you.  It just all depends on what your “it” is.

According to Jesus, if my “it” includes things that moth and rust can destroy or that can be stolen by someone, then, no, those earthly treasures won’t make the trip with me when I die. The U-Haul is pointless. (See Matt. 6:19-21.)

But what if my treasures were of a different kind?

  • My worship and adoration of Christ
  • My faith in His grace-filled salvation
  • My words of love and encouragement to others
  • My acts of compassion toward those who are homeless, hungry, in prison, or in bad health (See Matt. 25:34-40.)
  • Those I’ve led to know Christ
  • Those I’ve led to a deeper walk with Christ

image00Do you see a common theme in this list? Relationships—my relationship with God and my relationship with others with whom my life intersects. These are not things to be crammed into a U-Haul trailer—and I don’t recommend trying to put people into a U-haul trailer—but these are the very things that last.

Possessions don’t last. Everything tied to my relationship with God does.

And that’s a truth you can take with you.


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