Satan often deceives us with “truths” that are not true at all. Unfortunately, we too often act on those “truths”—which means we’re acting on a lie!

During World War II, the Germans stumbled on an incredible truth—almost by accident. The body of a British soldier, Captain William Martin, washed ashore on the southern coast of Spain. The Spanish government, which was supposed to be neutral, shared the documents found on Martin with the Abwehr, Germany’s military intelligence. And those documents included information about the Allies plans to invade Greece.

Hitler ordered torpedo boats to Greece. Seven German divisions were also deployed to the area, including two Panzer divisions. And there they waitied—while the Allies invaded Sicily instead.

The body of Glyndwr Michael dressed as Captain William Martin.

The deceased Captain William Martin was a lie dressed up to be the truth. In reality, the body was that of Glyndwr Michael, a recently deceased homeless man. The British military created fake IDs and papers for him. They strategically placed him in the water so as to wash ashore in Spain. And it worked. The Germans accepted a lie as the truth, and Sicily was liberated much faster than anticipated.

Here’s one “truth” we tend to believe that is not true at all: My sin nature is overpowering; I can’t help but sin. For the follower of Christ, that’s a lie. When we come to Christ, He makes each of us a new person. Becoming a new person in Christ means the old person has died. Deceased. Ka-put. And what is dead is powerless.

“We know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be rendered powerless”(Rom. 6:6).

You are no longer a slave to the old sin nature. In Christ, you’ve been given a new nature, and you sin now because you choose to sin. Sin doesn’t force you to sin, but when you take your eyes off of Christ, it’s easy to fall back into old ways.

To follow Christ means to live under His lordship; it is a glad and willing acceptance of Him as Master. Jesus is to be your master, not sin. To sin is to let that which is dead control you.

“So, you too consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 6:11).

Focus on two facts:

  1. I am dead to sin
  2. I am alive to God in Christ Jesus.

One of those watershed moments in my life was when, as a young adult, the reality of this passage came to light. It was a powerful moment to realize I Do Not Have To Sin!

I have a greater Master. One who is gracious and kind. One who never tries to deceive me with a lie. One who fills my life with His benefits and never consequences. So why would I ever want to listen to my old dead self?

There’s a far greater joy living under the lordship of Christ than under the slavery of sin.

And that’s the truth.

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