I’m fascinated with the things people will sell on eBay. I’m equally fascinated that people will buy these things!

  • Need an inflatable unicorn for your swimming pool?
  • Want a collection of old embalming tools?
  • Looking to spend $2069 for a used pen with no historical significance?

Yes, eBay has it all.

The thing that intrigues me most is that people will buy mystery boxes. They have no idea what they are bidding on or what they win. They don’t know until UPS drops the box at their house. I’m quite sure that as the box is opened, a befuddled wife says, “You bought what?!

I want to see what I’m buying.

Henry Heinz had the same notion and built a huge company on that idea.

Before the days of the Food and Drug Administration, before the days of ingredients being listed on packages, people were hesitant to buy “packaged” food. Take horseradish, for example.  In the 1860s (and earlier), making horseradish was a time-consuming process, so producers would add fillers like turnips, ground beans, wood fiber, or even chalk.  You just had to take the seller’s word for what you were buying, because the stuff came in dark brown glass bottles.

Henry Heinz wanted people to know they could trust his horseradish, so he sold his product in clear bottles. People could see what they bought. They benefited from seeing they were getting a pure product, and Heinz benefited from a quickly growing company that soon included staples like ketchup and mustard—all in clear bottles.

We don’t have to debate people about the merits of Jesus Christ. We don’t have to prepare fine-sounding articulate theological treatises. Sure, there is a place for those, but if you want people to know Jesus, it just takes a simple invitation:

“Come and see.”

That’s what Philip did. After he first encountered Jesus, he told his friend Nathaniel he had found the Messiah. Nathaniel was skeptical. Philip did not debate or get defensive; he simply said, “Come and see.” (John 1:43-50).

We can’t physically walk someone to Jesus like Philip did, but they can still see Jesus.

1. The clear bottle of Scripture. Invite them to discover Christ as presented by those who knew Him.

  • Matthew and John were two of the twelve apostles who walked with Jesus.
  • Mark knew Jesus and likely used Peter as his main source.
  • Luke interviewed the disciples as well as other eyewitnesses. (See Luke 1:1-3.)

2. The clear bottle of your life. Live the Christ-filled life. Live with authenticity and transparency. Let people clearly see Jesus in you. No can argue with a changed life. Even more, they will be attracted to the One who lives in you. (Read how the Christ-filled life even smells good.)

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matt. 5:16).

Come and see.

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