Lynn Pryor

Encouragement for your walk with Christ

About Lynn Pryor

IMG_6625Lynn Pryor has a passion for getting people engaged in the Bible to discover and live out the gospel of Christ. He does this in the following ways:

Lynn and his wife, Mary, are life-long proud Texans, but they have made middle Tennessee their home for the past 28 years. They have survived raising two sons to adulthood.

Lynn earned his doctorate from Southwestern Seminary and has previously pastored and served churches in Texas.

To schedule Lynn to speak to your church or group, contact him below.

6 thoughts on “About Lynn Pryor

  1. Hello Mr. Lynn Pryor.
    I just want to send you a note and thank you for the great work you are doing in the Bibles Studies For Life. my church used the KJV Adults. I must say you do a better job than Floyd and Brady. it got so bad with them two we got tired picking out the mistakes they made.
    I especially like the bible verse on page 138 of Jas 2:1,8-9.
    you see I am one of them Christians that believe we have to Love our neighbor ,Love our brother Love each other Love one another. very few in our Baptist church believe that. I like to ask other Baptist about Love there neighbor and the number one answer I always get is, that depends on what they done to me. I believe if we don’t forgive others then God will not forgive us. Most in the Baptist church believe they are saved and no matter what they do God will forgive them.
    Mr. Lynn Pryor I do not believe that. I believe we must love God and Love others and we will do well.
    I just wanted to tell you this, for some reason I feel you have that love in your heart for God and for others. and not just respect to persons.
    Thank you for taking time to read this .
    We Love you


  2. Hello , Lynn and thank you and your team
    For all of the.Bible study programs . They are so beneficial to so many . I go to a small church with limited funds and use the young adults Bible studies for life book . We cut our budget so we don’t get the extra packet but only the books so We don’t get the posters and cd anymore. I know y’all put pictures of the posters in the book but it is so small I can’t make out what it says . I would love to see y’all make it to where we can see it if you are wanting us to share it with our class . We should have every opportunity to share what this lesson has if it is on the page . Just something that has been on my heart . I know that y’all are more about sharing Gods Word than making money off the extra things some can’t afford . Thank you and your team for the awesome study guides and God bless , sincerely Thomas Craft


    1. Thomas, the thumbnail images of the leader pack items are there for those who use the Leader Pack; it is for ease of use, helping the leader who has a Leader Pack easily find the item he needs.

      Thank you for your kind words and for letting Bible Studies for Life be a part of your Bible study.


  3. I haven’t been receiving your weekly emails, so I re-entered my email address, but it came back that I’m already subscribed. DK why they’re not showing up in my emails?? Any ideas or suggestions to fix it??
    Dixie Rockholt


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